Fiesta Cruiser Run


Fiesta Cruiser Run

Fiesta Hangover Cruiser Run, Santa Barbara , CA. Aug. 6th 2012


#38 – The Santa Barbara International Film Festival – Bringing Hollywood Glamour back to SB

Santa Barbara International Film Festival


So, i know that this blog comes a little late but haven’t had the chance to write about this year’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival, for which i MC and coordinate Q and A sessions following each screening. This position sort of fell into my lap through a neighbor who asked if i was interested in volunteering for the festival. It sounded more like i was going to hand out tickets rather than something fun but long behold …. I am offered a much more prestigious position, MC. Thanks to #RussSpencer It has been a privileged the last 2 years to be able to introduce over 30 films and get to know the directors/cast/crew during Q and A sessions and the after party.

Samuel L Jackson, Red Carpet, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, SBIFF  © 2012 Jens-Oliver Photography

The last year brought many celebrities including Riviera Award Winner Martin Scorsese, Modern Master Christopher Plummer,  The cast of “The Artist” as well as the winners of the virtuosos awards which went to Demian Bichir, Rooney Mara, Melissa McCarthy, Patton Oswalt, Andy Serkis, and Shailene Woodley. These were just the faces you saw on stage but if you keep your eyes open you are sure to spot celebrities all over town. Just walking along i saw Julia Drifus from Seinfeld, The redneck guy from anchorman, the entire Bones Brogade Skate team and other. Try peeking into some of the nicer restaurants int own. unnoticed, and i guarantee you’ll see someone interesting. Then again, that can always happen in sb but,  that’s the fun part about film festival. No one is getting into any backstage rooms or hiding from special viewing areas. If someone wants to see a film, they have to go in the same entrance as everyone else so who knows, you could sit down next to your favorite celeb. The whole thing has desensitized me towards the glamour aspect of celeb spotting. They are just people and most friendly when treated as such. You wont find me directly rushing up trying to get every picture i can, unless of course, the situation presents itself. Below are some shots from the festival. Enjoy !

Samuel L Jackson, Red Carpet, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, SBIFF © 2012 Jens-Oliver PhotographySamuel L Jackson, Red Carpet, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, SBIFF © 2012 Jens-Oliver Photography


Can’t wait for next year ! In the family now : )

#37 – By Day and By Light

These photos were taken at the entrance of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), located right by the La Brea Tar Pits in downtown Los Angeles. Although there are always multiple displays to check out, I recently went there for the Tim Burton exhibit. The collection was awesome and i got to see some other great artwork throughout the museum. Check out their website at : to see whats on display now.

Lacma Entrance LightsLacma Entrance Lights during nighttime
Lacma Entrance Lights

#35 – Cruise Ship Stopping by Santa Barbara

Every now and again a cruise liner takes over the little city of Santa Barbara. Almost doubling SB’s population upon arrival, the ship means not driving down Cabrillo Street and avoiding the first 6 blocks of state street for the day : P

Cruise Ship In Santa Barbara

#30 – Things to do in Santa Barbara – Circle Bar B Stables

Another great activity to partake in while you are in Santa Barbara is going on a horseback ride at Circle Bar-B Stables located 3.5 miles inland from Refugio Beach. Just take the Refugio exit of the 101 and take a right. Follow the road through the beautiful landscape filled with orange and avocado trees and into the woods. Be Careful, the road is narrow and the locals don’t care (lol). I’ve encountered many speedy drivers coming at me on this road and some of them are not very friendly. Once you arrive at the stables Jack, a true cowboy to the bone, will get you set up to ride with one of the other Cowboys. There are a couple options ranging from 1.5 – 4 hours rides, and even a sunset beach ride. The guides are very well trained and take good care of you. The horses are also very healthy and happy, getting to roam freely on a huge property every evening. After returning from the ride, you can cruise back to the 101 towards Santa Barbara and stop for a nice lunch at the El Capitan Campground, or, if you really want to get that country feel, make your way to the Cold Springs Tavern for a cold beer and great eatin’.

Circle Bar B StablesCircle Bar B Stableshorse

#28 – Surf’s Up on the Cali Coast


Although this was not the best winter for surf so far, a nice swell has been hitting the California coast over the last few days. Here is a couple of shots taken at El Capitan, located about 20 minutes north-east from Santa Barbara. The spot features a killer right and if you go down the beach around the point, you will find a nice left as well as another right. Enjoy !El Capitan Surfing

This is just to the north of El Capitan and often the better of the breaks along this stretch of the coast. You will have to park somewhere along the freeway which i still haven’t figured out if it legal or tolerated until a cop in a bad mood drives by.

El Capitan Surfing

The Perfect Wave, untouched.

El Capitan Surfing

El Capitan Surfing

My equipment limits me somewhat as far as surf photography goes, but with the high-resolution even a wider shot can be cropped to look closer.

El Capitan Surfing

I love the reflections you get when shooting into the sun. Turned out real nice on this shot of a surfer heading down the line, seemingly towards nothing but a bright silver light.

El Capitan Surfing

The conditions caused lots of sick calls to work and every shredder who is able to walk made their way down to the beach.

El Capitan SurfingDawn Patrol taking off on a nice set wave. Offshore winds shaped some nice barrels and long lines.