Hope and Freedom Film Festival

A few years back I began working on a Film Festival in Long Beach with a professor at California State University Long Beach. I am currently the Assistant Director of the festival and take part in supervising all aspects of putting on the event.

The mission of the Hope and Freedom Film Festival is to help create a society where all individuals have equal rights. The festival encourages submissions that further the broad goals of ensuring political, social, educational and economic equality for all people. The festival seeks to reward entries from all skill levels that use the power of cinema to inspire hope in the pursuit of freedom from hatred, discrimination and oppressive conditions.

This year the event will take place on May 12th, 2012 at the Art Theatre of Long Beach located in the art district by the corner of 4th and Cherry. The event will begin with a live debate where students from different schools and universities will compete for a prize. Beginning at 11AM we will be screening a variety of films that relate to the missions statement. Directors and filmmakers will be there to answer any questions you may have. Although not booked yet, we will likely have a music performance again in the evening.

For information on the event visit us at:  www.HopeandFreedomFilmFestival.org and follow us on facebook at: facebook.com/hopeandfreedom.

Hope and Freedom Film Festivall

Hope and Freedom Film Festival. May 12th 2012. Art Theatre of Long Beach. 11am-11pm. Movies. Music. Debate. Red Carpert. Raffle.

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