#31 – Artificial Curves

The Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California, offers itself as an architectural photographers dream. The camera becomes the brush and the pixels the paper as one takes in the multitude of lines, curves and angles that combine in perfect harmony to form the premiere venue. There is beauty on every corner, or lack thereof. The exterior features a natural design that makes use of sheet metal curves that are both eye catching and elegant. The interior is extremely clean and has precise lines that create open space, welcoming large audiences for some of LA’s most spectacular shows.Disney Concert Hall

Disney Concert HallDisney Concert Hall InteriorDisney Concert Hall InteriorImageImage


#11 – The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Designed by: Frank Gehry


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The great Frank Gehry designed building opened in the fall of 2003. The entire project was for the most part done by Frank Gehry himself and the acoustics of the concert hall were designef by Yasuhisa Toyota. I am a huge fan of … Continue reading

#3 – Getty Center – Wide Angle – Updated 3/14/12


Ghetty Center - Wise Angle

This photo was shot with a Sigma 10-20mm wide open at f4. I wanted to capture both the size of the Getty center as well as the diversity of subjects that are there to shoot. There is so much going on in this picture that i always see something new and intriguing. With all of the reflective services it was nice that there was a fine layer of clouds across the sky providing a natural diffuse for to soften the light. I was here for about 3 hours collecting some shots for my portfolio. For shots like this i like to turn up the clarity and saturation a bit. I grew up with a mom who is an architect and i was always drawn to the 3D renderings she did for her projects and the 3 dimensional effect that they gave. I try to do this a little bit with my architectural photography too. I can achieve that by creating sharp yet smooth edges throughout the photograph creating a nice flow throughout the image. You can see some more of my pictures from the trip to the Getty Museum by clicking on the the photo.

Getti Center Gardens 10mm Wide Angle

Getti Center Gardens