#4 – The Lonely Bulldog


The Lonely Bulldog

I was walking along the street and couldn’t help but notice this little guy slouching in front of a local cafe. While the waitresses seemed to be rushing back and forth passing him with plates of food, smells that must have added to the drool already dripping out of his mouth, he didn’t move and rarely blinked. Just the thought of the trying to drag along it’s many rolls of skin along the ground seemed to increased the chubby little fella’s heart rate. BUT the same things that make this dog arguably hideous also make this breed irresistible to most human hearts. If i was a dog owner i would hate it if everyone came up and grabbed my dog. I mean i wouldn’t be rude but i feel like certain dog owners who own rare breeds or especially good looking dogs must be bothered by this occasionally. And i do it to … After multiple attempts and the ability to fight off the urge to wag its tailĀ the “ball of canine” began licking my hand profusely. Yum. After it discovered i was not bacon he was smelling before he turned away and resumed holding his post. Someday i hope to get a dog, id love a dog, but for now ill just let you pick up the poop.