#6 – Spring Time Apricot Flowers ! Please grow some fruit…


Sprint Time Apricot Flowers

So i have this Apricot in tree in the backyard but it seems to have some sort of a temper because sadly, it only produces a couple of apricots a year. If i’m lucky i get 5. Right now the tree is full of flowers and it looks as though it should be covered with apricots within a few months, but even after checking multiple sites on how to correctly prune it during winter, it doesn’t seem to get any fruit. At least the neighbor seems to be more successful and shares his plentiful harvest. Same soil, same size tree but no fruit. O well it still makes for great photos such as this one. Santa Barbara has a huge variety of plant life and as long as you can water it almost everything seems to grow here. The only real native trees in the area are the California Pepper Trees, Oaks, Sycamores as well as the common manzania plant and a few other trees and brushes. Naturally, It’s a desert. But after the Spanish arrived here in Santa Barbara, settling in 1782 with the construction of the presidio, plants were imported into the area from all around the world. One of the most famous trees in town is the North American record holding, 200 foot wide Montegro Bay Fig which used to be the center of town and a welcome shaded destinations for hitchhikers making their way along the California Coast. Interestingly, the tree almost had a mailbox installed because so many people were traveling by that it almost became a hotel for nomads. The most impressive part about the tree are its roots which form separate compartments, which seem to perfectly present themselves as rooms to sleep in. You can even weather proof the temporary house by stretching a tarp from one root to another. Today you can still check out the giant tree which is hidden between the freeway and the train station. If your in town, it makes for a great photo.