Fiesta Cruiser Run


Fiesta Cruiser Run

Fiesta Hangover Cruiser Run, Santa Barbara , CA. Aug. 6th 2012



Due to the fact that i am up in the Santa Ynez Valley a lot i am trying to capture a little of each of the 4 seasons which unlike most of Southern Cali’s 2 seasons can actually be differentiated between  in the Central Californian Climate.Image

#35 – Cruise Ship Stopping by Santa Barbara

Every now and again a cruise liner takes over the little city of Santa Barbara. Almost doubling SB’s population upon arrival, the ship means not driving down Cabrillo Street and avoiding the first 6 blocks of state street for the day : P

Cruise Ship In Santa Barbara

#26 A Blast from the Past

The Cold Springs Tavern located about 30 minutes our of Santa Barbara, Right at the peak of Highway 154 which connects Santa Barbara to the Santa Ynez Valley, and eventually leads back to hwy, 101. If you are someone driving up the CA coast, i highly recommend taking this route vs. going straight along the shore on the 101. Yes, the beach views are nice, but there some hidden treasures in these mountains that you won’t likely find anywhere else.


The first optional stop is the old Cave paintings left behind by the Chumash Indians that had history in the area dating back 13,000 years before the Spanish arrived. This was first discovered when the Potter Hotel in Santa Barbara mysteriously burnt down. After removing the rubble, the Spanish discovered bones and artifacts, some of which were later dated back to that time. If you take Painted Cave, you should have a very confident driver. The road is extremely narrow, and although well paved most of the way is better traveled with anything that has a V6 and up. No smart cars or little Hondas here. The road leads you up the mountain, including some great spots to take a photo of the Channel Islands and look out over SB. Continuing on you will pass some private properties (imagine that drive to get a gallon of milk … ), and after about 10 minutes you will see a sign on the left hand side, right beside some large stone structures and boulders. You can pull over on the left side, usually no one is there anyway. You can read up on the sign, and follow the path just a few steps up where you will see some iron bars closing off the cave. You will need to let you eyes adjust for a second but you will see the paintings on the ceiling of the cave. They are very well preserved for how old they are, about 500 years. You can see some hooligans got to the cave before we could close it off to vandals, but most, is untouched.

Here’s a foggy morning at the Painted Cave… Spooky.

Painted Cave, Santa Barbara, CA


#24 – Segway through Santa Barbara

After getting home from a little adventure the night before ; ) , i got called in to take some photos of a Segway Tour. I have to tell you that if you have never ridden a Segway before, DO IT. It’s really easy to learn, super fun, and a great way to get to know a city, whether you lived there your whole life or are just visiting for a getaway in California’s vacationland. They train you how to use the machine before the tour and then your off. The real learning starts when you are navigating through people and objects on either the Beach or the Downtown tour, which can take you from the beach all the way up to the mission, covering every possible section of Santa Barbara a tourist would want to see. You stop along the way to hear exciting stories and history, some of which will be new to locals as well. They are loaded up with information so don’t be shy to ask. I want to go and do it up in San Francisco, where yo can take one up Lonbard Street. that would be fun !

So here are some of the shots i took for their website. Check them out at:

Segway of Santa Barbara 2

Segway of Santa Barbara 5

Segway of Santa Barbara 1

Segway of Santa Barbara 3

Segway of Santa Barbara 4

#22 – Snow Covered Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley

Wow. Today was one of the most beautiful days I’ve had here since moving to Santa Barbara two years ago. Although it was on and off, the mountains were reflecting sunlight from the “thick” layer snow that fell during the storm on Figueroa Mountain. A thick layer of snow here means anything over a half a foot. And that about maxes out our yearly total. No snowboarding here.By about 4pm most of the snow had evaporated, which given the climate of this area, is pretty good amount of time for nature to give you the chance to enjoy the scenery. There’s nothing quite like a sun-lit vineyard with a stormy backdrop and snow on the mountains. With the weather constantly changing there was a new surprise waiting as we left each vineyard, ranging from hail to rain to wind gusts that blew the guests hair into a frenzy.

The photos here are from Kalyra Vineyard and Bridlewood Estates Vineyard in Santa Ynez, California.

Kalyra Vineyard is owned by an Australian Wine maker who is most known for his Port style wines. Although they serve a variety of other delicious wines, the dessert wines are what stand out here to me.

Bridlewood with Snow on figueroa mountain

Bridlewood with Snow on Figueroa Mountain

Bridlewood Estates (above), has recently been acquired by Gallo, the wine mafia. Although I won’t get a near a bottle of gallo’s name brand wine, they do own a few really good estates, including this one. Favorite here include they flavor profiled Syrah, especial the smokey “Dusty Trails” and the BIG “Six Gun”. I pretty much like everything on their current taste list including a stainless-steel fermented Chardonnay that is Fresh and Crispy, great for any Summertime BBQ. The Viogner is floral on the nose but has a dry taste and finish making this a great one for poultry and fish. They also grow the online Estate Zinfandel in Santa Ynez, on a nice south-facing hill that gets enough sunshine to grow this hot-climate grape. And i gotta say its not bad. Although i’m going to stick to the jammy Paso Robles Zin’s, it’s tasty and lighter.

Kalyra Vineyard (below) is owned by an Australian Wine maker who is most known for his Port style wines. Although they serve a variety of other delicious wines, the dessert wines are what stand out here to me.

Kalyra Vineyard, Gwuertztraminer

Kalyra Vineyard, Gwuertztraminer showing first buds. Let's hope they don't get too cold tonight ... It's supposed to be 33* :( No Anti-Frost sprinkler systems here ....

Bridlewood Vineyard Racetrack with Snow on Figuera Mountain

Bridlewood Vineyard Racetrack

Figuera Mountain, Santa Barbara County

Figuera Mountain

If you want to learn more about wine and the Central Coast Growing Region, have someone from Captain Jacks Tours take you around the area. The company has some great guides for different tours including, Santa Ynez and Santa Rita Wine Tours, Coastal and Harbor Kayaking as well as Horseback Rides into the mountains by day and along the beach at sunset time. Maybe I’ll see you on one of the many great tours offered,

#14 – Luthier’s Workshop – Hans Pukké Guitars


Luthier's Workshop

The art of guitar building is a craft that take ALOT skill, concentration and most importantly patience. The delicate, joint irritating work, that goes into creating one of these classical instruments is perfected by a select breed of craftsman, only those who have both an ear for the subtle differences in tone that each layer of sanding and each piece of wood separate it from the next and also the immense knowledge it takes to perfectly assembly this light-weight, fragile instrument. Here is the shop of flamenco guitar builder Hans Pukké. Hans’ Guitars have been played by numerous famous players around the world including Ramon Jimenez of Spain and USC Professor Adam DelMonte.

Check out his website at to see that works of art he has created.

PS: A Friend gave him all those old violins so he hung them up right before i decided to snap a pic. Came out looking pretty cool. Not a super fancy shot but i did apply HDR on this. Nothing major just layered 3 shots from a tripod and threw them together with the HDR feature in photoshop to get a little more color from the dark areas without having to light them.


Hans Pukke Guitars and Repairs

Here is Hans with one of his repairs, can you guess what vintage model this is ? It's a rare one ...