#36- The Full Moon Lamp


The Full Moon Lamp

I was sitting in the car and noticed the perfect alignment of the moon and the much closer street light, which although it was beginning to get dark, was off long enough for me to take this shot. Came out looking pretty cool and i am happy with the results i got from a quick phone Cam shot.


#17 – Guitar Playin’ Man


I took this photo from up on a bluff in Goleta, CA with priceless lighting to create one of my favorite shots of this winter. I could tell when i framed the shot that it would look like an indie album cover.  You never know, maybe he claims what could be his next cover…

If so i wont even charge him royalties  ;-) 

"This is whats left of me."

Guitar Plain’ Man

#15 – The Sky is the Limit – Natures Color Palette

Natures Color Palette - A sunset to Remember

Sunset out west in Huntington Beach, CA

Although i have been lucky enough to seen some incredible sunsets here on the California Coast, there is something special about the turquoise and violet colors in this moment in time which likely changed into another combination of brilliant colors moments later. I could only stop briefly but am happy to have captured at least a dew images of that evening. This one is the clearest. I tried to keep my  ISO as low as possible and the aperture between 4-7 adjusting as needed to keep the shutter speed manageable. Tripods are recommended to maximize the colors and will allow you to play a little more with the settings.
Here are a few other sunsets I am grateful to have seen:

Colorful Sunset with Oil Tanker in the distance.

Sunset Relfection over the Ocean

Sunset Relfection over the Ocean